Christmas decorations

 Hello and welcome to our latest Jems blog hop! 

This month’s theme is Christmas decorations.

I love the Merry Music Specialty DSP from this year’s catalogue. It is a lighter weight than the regular DSP and I thought it would be great for doing origami. So I took to pinterest/you tube for inspiration!

I first made this bauble which I think looks great in the contrasting papers. I used this video which is fairly easy to follow. I found that gluing the top and bottom was definitely the fiddliest part of this make – I personally found fine tip glue the best to use as the thin nozzle allowed me to apply the glue between the layers whilst holding the pieces together. 

Next I tried a couple of different star tutorials. I found a fab 5 pointed star tutorial but making it for the first time using quiet patterned, dark paper (I chose a black page which wasn’t my brightest idea for a first try!!) it didn’t really work out – I’ll definitely try it again though in the future as the results in the video are great!

Then I tried a 4 pointed Christmas star, this one did work out but I wasn’t sold on it in this paper... so third time lucky I followed this video and made this lovely star! I love the dimension it has and again the contrast between the black and white layers. It was super easy to make and didn’t take long, I’ll definitely make more of these! They’d be easy to scale up and down too!

I hope you like my little origami makes and please visit my fellow crafters – Amanda is before me and Sharon after!

Thanks for reading,

Sam x


  1. Great projects Sam! I've been watching Origami videos this week too but have yet to put any in to practice! Thanks for sharing x

  2. Ooh what lovely ornaments Sam! Love all of them ....

  3. Lovely makes :-) I made the four point stars recently too, love them in these papers! hugs x

  4. One of my favourite DSPs too - and I hope your friend lets you have them back in time for Christmas 😄🐻

  5. fabulous origami makes, they look very elegant x

  6. Love these Sam! I have almost used all my music papers up and now you have me thinking of ordering more to get my Origami on! TFS


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