Dog and wellies 50th cake!

Hi Peeps!

Sorry I have lost track of my blogging a little recently, I need to get back on track!!

Here’s a cake I made last week for my cousin’s mum in law! She enjoys taking her dog for walks so I was asked to include a pair of wellies and a Border collie dog! Other then that I was pretty much given free reign to create a cake around these elements! One of the pictures I was sent as inspiration featured navy wellies with pink spots which set the colour scheme for me! I went off to my local fabric and craft store and picked these 3 gorgeous ribbons for the cake. 

The boots were made from rice crispy treats before being covered and decorated in regal icing and the dog was made purely from icing. 

The cake was Victoria sandwich on the bottom and chocolate cake on top! Yum!
Hope you like it!

Sam x


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