Throwback Thursday - Andrei's Birthday!

This week’s throwback post is a mixture of current and throwback! 

It features our good friend’s son’s birthday cakes from this year and last.
Last year Andrei requested a minecraft cake for his 9th birthday.

I did a bit of research and found an image of what a cake looks like in the actual game and had to recreate it! Cue lots and lots of squares cut out of icing!!

I really like the result though and thankfully so did Andrei!

This year Andrei requested a destiny themed cake. Again a little research and I found I wanted to recreate the cover of the game.

I broke out my airbrush and away I went!
I struggled to get a Navy edible airbrush ink from any local stores so my design is a little more black and grey but I think you can definitely see it was influenced by the cover image!

I wonder what computer game inspired cake I'll get to make next year!!

Thanks for reading!

Sam x


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