Evie's 16th

As my Monday post this week was about Evie's 18th I thought it was only right to make my throwback post about Evie's 16th birthday! I had the pleasure of making this cake for her based on her love of photography and her beloved Canon camera.


The cake was a Victoria sandwich base with a chocolate cake camera on top! I have to admit if I was to make another i would use rice crispy treats for the camera part - they are much better for constructing sturdy topper. The cake has a softer edge to it and doesn't quite hold its shape as well - however as I'm self taught and often take on new challenges I've never attempted before, I'm pretty happy with the results still, and most importantly the birthday girl loved it and it was all about her after all!

 There were lots of little details with Evie and 16 stamped into the fondant in several places.

I used my own Canon to try and replicate the details all around the camera. If i was to remake the cake I now have an edible printer so would put some imagery on the little screens!

 And to finish it off a few flowers to make it a little more girly!

I'd love to have another go at a camera to see how my skills have developed 2 years on but I was and still am proud of my original efforts. I love the different variety of challenges my friends and family throw my way - long may it continue!

Sam x


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