All about the chocolate!!

So last week I made my youngest cousin her 18th cake!
Her cake was chocolate heaven!! Chocolate sponge sandwiched and coated in chocolate buttercream and covered in chocolate fingers and malteasers! Yum! It smelt divine!!

So on the theme of chocolate I thought my throwback post would include some of my other chocolaty creations!

First up was a pair of cakes I made a couple of months ago for Abby, who’s 18th cake is above!
They were a pair of thank you cakes as she had just finished her course and wanted to give her thanks with cake! They were whoppers – 2 x 10” round cakes covered in buttercream, kitkats and skittles!  They weighed a ton but what a great way to show her appreciation!

Next is a 50th cake I did for a family friend, again it was full on chocolate, chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream, chocolate fingers and Thorntons moments on top! Again it smelt delicious – well worth the calories!

As always thanks for reading - hope this post doesn’t have you all reaching in the treat cupboard!! Haha!

Sam x


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