My busy week of baking

The bank holiday totally threw me this week – you can tell I’m new to blogging ha-ha! So this is a little late but never mind!

Here are the 3 last minute cakes I was asked by friends and family to make last week! An 18th, 21st and 60th! Thankfully they were all fairly simple designs so I could squeeze all three around work/volunteering/mum duties!

The first is this simple 18th for my cousin’s boyfriend. It may be a simple design but his grandma shed a tear of joy when she saw it! That makes it all worthwhile... I used to think in my early days it was a lot of hours put into a cake to just be cut up and eaten but to be honest if it makes someone smile and even go as far as shed a tear then all the work is worth it.

The next was a 21st birthday for a member of my hockey family. I was just asked to create a simple cake, possibly with a golf theme. I was going to go simple like my above cake but to be honest it didn’t take too much longer to colour the fondant and make it golf themed. The golf balls are large sprinkles from my local cake shop and the grass is a fun little technique I developed using a (unused for anything but icing!!) garlic press!

Finally a repeat of my recent giant cupcake for my work mate Tracey to finish off the week! Again a fairly simple cake, lots of chocolate fingers and butter cream - yum!

Sam x


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