Isla's cakes

As promised here are Isla's previous cakes!
We start with her 1st birthday Minnie mouse cake. I'm completely self taught and at this stage hadn't attempted many figures so cheated a little and used a toy - which of course Isla got to keep! It was also my first attempt at a 2 tier cake!

Next up was Mr Tumble for Isla's 2nd Birthday, I braved trying to make the model for this one - though he's a little round faced he is still recognisable!!

Then for Isla's 3rd birthday frozen fever had set in and I made Isla's favourite character Olaf! I had made an Olaf before so this one wasn’t too scary :)

Along with the cake I also made cake pops for all Isla's party guests, this was another new challenge. I practised the week before using milk chocolate and had no problems but for some reason I decided on white chocolate for the final pop... I soon discovered that white chocolate is much runnier! But they went down a storm so no it was worth the mess!! 

Hope you've enjoyed my look back, thank you for visiting!

Sam xx


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